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The very least you need to know.

Physical Description
Height: 3’7" (Assumed height)
Eyes: Brown
Hair/Fur: Orange/White
Age: Young adult

Marian is a beautiful young vixen. She is mostly orange with cream-colored fur on her muzzle and underside, and a lighter orange around her large brown eyes. Her tail is fluffy and well-kept. Normally she is usually dressed in soft pinks and purples, and her ears are usually hidden by a double-horned headdress and pink veil.

Other information for Maid Marian can be found in her journal here.(As outdated as it is.)

As A side note

I'm kind of making the assumption that the animals from her canon are vegetarian, since I really couldn't see them eating each other... Heck... even if some type of meat was available, I doubt very much she would eat it.... being friends with so many types of animals...
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